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road electronics

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Prismatic signs on S8 express road


The first installation of prismatic signs in Poland with use of the ROTAPANEL system has beed completed on S8 express road, section Radziejowice – Paszków.

Prismatic signs are managed remotely by the TELPORT PVMS MOBILE application.

Prismatic signs in Poland


In cooperation with Dutch company ROTAPANEL, the TELWAY Sp, z o.o. has introduced on Polish market the professional variable message signs made in prismatic technology (PVMS).

ERPLAST Sp. z o.o. is our technology partner in Poland.

Integration of roadside emergency telephone units


The TELWAY company completed works on integration of the roadsiede emergency telephones installed on A4 motorway, Zgorzelec - Krzyżowa section and A8 motorway, bypass of Wrocław. There installed roadside emergency telephone cabinets are operated from the Traffic Management Centre located in Widawa using one of the software modules of the TELPORT system.

Parking information boards in the center of Rzeszów


The TELWAY company commissioned the LED parking information boards which were installed for the needs of paid parking zone in Rzeszów. 

Traffic management system on S17


The traffic management system installed along the S17 express road, section from Kurów to Jastków, was transferred into operation in September 2013.

Vaisala across Europe


A promotional tour of DSP-310 mobile weather station began in October 2012.

License agreement with Microprocessador company


The license agreement between the TELWAY and the Portuguese company MICROPROCESSADOR S.A. for distribution and manufacturing the variable message signs was signed in January 2012. Production will be launched in Kryspinów near to Krakow city.

The MICROPROCESSADOR S.A. specializes in development and integration of technology, design and implementation of equipment and system solutions in the field of automation and electronis. The MICROPROCESSADOR company is known manufacturer of VMS signs:

Weather stations on A2 motorway


TELWAY Sp. z o.o. completed the installation of six meteorological stations on the A2 motorway, section Świecko - Nowy Tomyśl. Simultaneosly, the modernization of existing four weather stations installed on section Nowy Tomyśl - Poznań and construction of five additional weather stations on section Świecko - Poznań have been started. After completion of works planned for March 2012, 15 road meteorological stations will work along the A2 motorway, section from Świecko to Poznań, providing a sufficient data base for efficient winter maintenance.

New weather stations on A1 Motorway


Telway completed the installation of six meteorological stations on the A1 motorway section Nowe Marzy - Czerniewice .Thus, a 150 km section of the A1 motorway from Rusocin to Czerniewice is currently equipped with 11 VAISALA weather stations operated by IRIS system. The opening of the A1 motorway, Nowe Marzy - Czerniewice section, is planned for 14.10.2011r.

Emergency communication on A4 motorway


TELWAY Sp. z o.o. completed the installation of emergency telephone system on the A4 motorway, section Zgorzelec - Krzyżowa. The system consists of 58 ERT columns installed along the motorway and TELPORT communication system installed in OUA Łąka.

Traffic monitoring system on A4 motorway


Traffic monitoring module of the TELPORT system has been installed by Telway Sp. z o.o. on A4 motorway, section from Katowice to Kraków. The system works with a network of measuring stations based on inductive loops.