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road electronics

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parking signs

Parking information signs are an important part of ITS systems built in urban agglomerations. Electronic displays are used to inform car drivers about available parking spaces, making it easier to reach the nearest parking area. Electronic parking signs and boards are usually made ​​as a combination of conventional static signs with monochrome displays built in LED technology. They can be however carried out as a monochrome or color LED matrices. LED parking signs are installed as single displays showing the number of free parking spaces in the parking area or operated as an common displays indicating free parking spaces in several parking areas.

Parking signs can be controlled locally with the associated measuring system installed on the parking area or operated centrally from a host system that supports a few parkings in the area of ​​urban agglomeration.



TELWAY is a distributor and manufacturer of electronic parking signs under the license of the Portuguese company DMS Lda. (MICROPROCESSADOR S.A.):