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road electronics

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platform signs

Electronic platform signs installed at the tram, bus or train platforms are an important part of ITS systems built in urban agglomerations. Electronic platform signs are used to inform passengers about the departure time the next public transport vehicles (trams, buses, trains). Platform signs are made as monochromatic LED displays, built with yellow or amber LEDs, emitting wide beam of light. Signs are installed on the platforms as a single or double-sided, also equipped with acoustic systems, allowing transmitting the displayed information to the blind persons.

Electronic platform signs are controlled from the host system which has a information about current location of public transport vehicles. In the absence of host communication, displays show departures of vehicles resulting from the timetable or other pre-defined information.

TELWAY is a distributor and manufacturer of electronic platform signs under the license of the Portuguese company DMS Lda. (MICROPROCESSADOR S.A.):