road emergency telephone systems

The purpose of the SOS emergency communications systems is to provide for motorway's users communication platform enabling to phone conversation with motorway's operator directly from the road shoulders in order to call help or provide emergency notifications about events affecting or likely to affect traffic safety.

Offered SOS emergency phone systems base on VoIP communication (voice over IP protocol) using the fiber optic CWDM technology (Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing), enabling the simultaneous transmission in a single fiber up to 16 signals transmitted on different wavelengths in the second and third transmission window of single-mode optical fiber.

SOS roadside cabinets installed on the road shoulders can be powered by 230VAC, solar cell, or both sources simultaneously. SOS column controller optimizes the energy consumption and, depending on the specific requirements of the system implemented, adapts the functionality of the SOS column in order to achieve maximum period of trouble-free operation.

See also: SOS roadside cabinets, telport.