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thermal mapping


Thermal maps is a professional tool for winter road maintenance enabling planning preventive actions and reducing the costs associated with the use of equipment and materials used for the prevention in road winter maintenance>

Thermal maps of the road network are the result of statistical processing of the road surface thermal measurements performed during the winter nights in the specific weather conditions. Implementation of thermal maps in meteorological systems allows for a linear extrapolation of the measured or forecasted surface temperatures for the entire road network.​
Thermal maps allow location of road weather stations in areas with stable thermal profile (reference stations) or in areas particularly susceptible to the formation of slippery winter conditions (ice warning stations). Thermal maps also allow for verification of the location of existing weather stations in terms of their usefulness for road& winter maintenance.

TELWAY in cooperation with the British branch of VAISALA has worked out professional thermal maps of the road network in Poland and abroad. Up to now TELWAY has surveyed roads with a total length of 1400 km.

Our employees certified by VAISALA, offer professional thermal mapping services, ranging from expert advices, through planning survey routes, to the realization of thermal maps.

See also (Poloish text): Termal mapps of the road network