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road electronics

trust in technology ...

about us

TELWAY started their activity in 2009. TELWAY focuses on professional road electronics products, in particular designs and implementations in the field of:

  • road meteorology,
  • variable message signs,
  • road traffic monitoring,
  • road network visual control,
  • road emergency telephone systems,
  • motorways communication systems,
  • integrated traffic management systems.
We perform also:

  • thermal mapping of road network,
  • traffic measurement and analysis,
  • technical maintenance of road electronics and systems.

TELWAY company has co-operated with many local and foreign partners, such as VAISALA (Finland) and MICROPROCESSADOR (Portugal). A major portion of the company’s products and services is sold to regional road authorities, motorway's concessionaires and motorway's operating companies.

TELWAY company is a member of the Association of Intelligent Transportation Systems ITS Polaka: