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road electronics

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traffic management systems

Traffic management systems are the integrated systems of measurement, transmission, processing and control of weather-traffic parameters in order to increase traffic safety and ensure traffic flowability and driving comfort on a monitored roadsection.  

Advanced traffic management systems are capable of automatic control and management of traffic, using: 

  • elements of, or intricate weather support systems
  • points for measuring vehicle speed, traffic structure and flow
  • points for measuring environmental parameters
  • electronic information boards and variable message signs
  • data transmission and data processing systems
  • video cameras and accident detection systems
  • dispatcher’s supervision points
  • information points
  • Internet
  • mass media 

Due to public response to the growth of motorization and a common demand for measures leading to the enhancement of road safety, traffic flowability, and driving comfort, the implementation of traffic management systems has become essential. In addition well-designed traffic management systems are profitable investments. They help reduce expenses related to road network maintenance, collision or accident treatment, and related functions.