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road electronics

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speed management

Using VMS’s for speed management substantially enhances driving safety.

VMS’s are controlled from the managing system or locally, from cooperating devices (traffic measurement stations, radar detectors, meteorological sensors and stations). The effect of speed limit dynamically accommodated to existing weather and traffic conditions contributes to decreasing the amount of collisions and accidents, especially on most dangerous stretches of a road network.

The variable message signs produced by TELWAY company meet the requirements of PN-EN-12966 standard Road vertical signs – Variable message traffic signs and are in conformity with the Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure of 3 July 2003 Detailed technical requirements for road vertical signs and requirements for placing them on roads.

TELWAY is a distributor and manufacturer of variable message signs under the license of the Portuguese company DMS Lda. (MICROPROCESSADOR S.A.):