LED message signs (VMS)

Warning drivers of traffic hindrances and hazardous weather phenomena, suggesting detours, controlling speed, controlling traffic flow, transmitting the information increasing driving comfort – these are the task carried out by variable message signs (VMS’s). Using VMS’s as elements of traffic management systems substantially enhances driving safety and comfort. The variable message signs are manufactured in LED technology as monochromatic or RGB matrices enable to display both graphic symbols (road signs) and text messages.

The varianble message signs produced by TELWAY company meet the requirements of PN-EN-12966 standard Road vertical signs – Variable message traffic signs and are in conformity with the Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure of 3 July 2003 Detailed technical requirements for road vertical signs and requirements for placing them on roads.

TELWAY is a distributor and certified manufacturer of variable message signs under the license of the Portuguese company DMS Lda. www.dmsdisplays.com